David Weiss

When Words Fail

  1. The Intrepid Hub (David Weiss)
  2. When Words Fail  (David Weiss)
  3. MJ  (David Weiss)
  4. Wayward  (David Weiss)
  5. White Magic (John Taylor)
  6. Loss  (David Weiss)
  7. Lullaby for a Lonely Child (Karl Jenkins)
  8. Passage to Eternity (David Weiss)

David Weiss- Trumpet
Myron Walden- Alto Sax
Marcus Strickland- Tenor Sax
Xavier Davis- Piano
Dwayne Burno- Bass
E.J. Strickland- Drums

Ben Eunson- Guitar (Tracks 3 and 8)

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